02.    SENEGAL

Dakar-Gorée Crossing, an open-water swimming event that commemorates the resilience and enduring spirit of the countless individuals who suffered under the transatlantic slave trade.

As the summer of 2023 drew to a close, the spirited Swim Dem Crew embarked on a remarkable journey to Africa's westernmost edge, the vibrant nation of Senegal. We joined Swim Dem Crew on this journey, capturing the essence of their camaraderie, brotherhood and the strength of their community. We captured moments of determination, resilience, and shared camaraderie, weaving together a narrative of human endeavor against a backdrop of historical significance. This symbolic swim retraces the harrowing journey of those seeking freedom.

The photographs that emerged from this expedition speak volumes about the power of human connection, the unwavering pursuit of freedom, and the enduring spirit of those who have overcome unimaginable adversity. Through these images, we are transported to the vibrant streets of Dakar, the serene shores of Gorée Island, and the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where Swim Dem Crew bravely navigated the waters and honored the legacy of those who came before them.

ash narod
creative / photographer

based in London, England
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